June 5, 2023

Ate too much food yesterday but it was nice. We attended a surprise birthday dinner for our neighbors across the street (we watch their cats and they watch ours on vacations) at El Fogon in West Des Moines, the one that’s on 8th Street. The restaurant is suffering from a loss of business caused by construction at the I-235 exit, but I’d say there was plenty of people there last night.

This weekend I was battling water, specifically water getting into my car following the mini-hurricane we experienced Friday afternoon. I have to call in professional help, which is unfortunate, and, even worse, I’m going to have to find someplace to sequester my car in a garage somewhere until then — I simply cannot have the experience I had Friday again and not have real damage to my car. The problem is, I have nowhere good to take it that won’t produce big headaches. I may have to put a tarp over my car, which would be frustrating, too. Gah.


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