April 10, 2023

Next year will be another total eclipse! Book your trips now! (Seriously, I plan to go to see it in the place where total darkness will be achieved.)

Yesterday was really nice, and I was able to enjoy it without an asterisk, like Saturday. On Friday, I had round three of my Dental Implant Adventure, which ended with my second set of stitches, (slight) pain, and antibiotics. Although it doesn’t seem like much at the time, they really manhandle you. They are super professional, pleasant, and do their jobs well, but you still pay a price of being uncomfortable for a day or two. But the worst part is, you can’t eat regular food for a couple days. Last time I handled it fine. This time I was practically indignant. I got my redemption, though, at Waterfront Seafood Market on Saturday night, where I got delicious clam chowder. After that, I felt like a human being again.


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