April 17, 2023

I picked up new books over the weekend, and spent a fair amount of time at the Franklin Library, given that the weather was not accommodating for outdoor activities. I have a favorite chair that I choose regularly, and I like to sit there, read, and watch out the window. I read an article about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his life as an elderly man. It wasn’t as depressing as you might think. He’s still in good shape, he still gets around, he still appears to have a good life. He hates the idea of dying, which I totally get. But he’s still positive and that’s what matters. If I can be like Arnold, maybe I’ll be good for a few more decades.

Unrelated, my neighbor is someone who appears to be nearing the end. A fire truck just appeared outside my window; this is the third call made for this house this year. The other side of that coin. I don’t want to be in that place. No one does.


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