April 5, 2023

Apologies if you’ve been checking and finding my site down the last few days. Apparently there was some kind of problem. I never found out what, but it appears to be working again.

Not much to report from the last few days. Last night I was energized by the thunderstorm energy in the air, but otherwise I’ve been feeling restless and contentious. I did see my friend the Norwegian Assassin the other day, which was fun. We disagree on Star Trek: Picard, but he’s entitled to his wrong opinion.

I’ve been reading more intensely in the last couple of weeks, for no reason other than that I’ve been feeling it. I just finished the graphic novel “Superman: Red Son”, which reimagines the Superman story as taking place in the Soviet Union instead of the US. It was worth the read, and the ending was better than anticipated.

I hope you all are well out there, and that spring is treating you kindly.


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