August 14, 2023

Been preoccupied with eliminating clutter from my world. I was doing a pretty good job of this until the last year or so, but stopped inexplicably for a while there. I find that I feel my best when I’m not overencumbered with things. I like things, but I also have stuff from years ago for legacy interests that just get in the way, and which I no longer need or want.

It’s also kind of a finding myself thing, in that, if I’m surrounded by aspects of my past self, how do I know who I am today? There’s sort of an image that I craft out of the things I like — I like these things and these things define me — that may not be in fact real. There’s some letting go in getting rid of this stuff, but I’m always going to like what I always like — I just don’t need to be weighted down by it.


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