February 24, 2023

Got to sleep in this morning, have another dentist appointment (just a checkup!) at 11 a.m. Again I got lucky and have slept in on a very cold morning. Success!

I started a new video game recently that I’m enjoying a lot, called “Oxenfree”. It’s new to me, it came out in 2016. I have discovered that I like narrative video games best – they are games that unfold a story through your choices, like the old Choose Your Own Adventure novels of the ’80s. It’s not about fulfilling mechanisms or constantly killing bad guys, and the story is the most important element. They’re usually very well written, and engaging. The trouble is, there are not many of them. Another couple I have enjoyed are “Night in the Woods” and “Blacksad: Under the Skin”.

“Oxenfree” has an interesting mechanism to it as well. You play a teenage girl who is a year out from a tragedy where her brother died, she is with a group of friends who visit an abandoned town with a military secret involving radio and the spectral world. If that’s enough of a tease for you, I recommend picking it up if you have a video game system. I’m told that a sequel was recently released as well.


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