July 17, 2023

Got a little distracted there by my first anniversary and our resultant trip that I forgot about blogging. Sorry about that. But we’re back and in the routine again. We went to Mackinac Island, Michigan, where we saw some very blue water, a delightful island to bike around, MANY tourists, and some yummy food (and not so yummy).

We stayed in a beachfront hotel that, for the record, was called a beachfront hotel. We were there for three days, so a short whirlwind trip, but it was sufficiently relaxing. I think I most enjoyed the gulls that would hang around the beach with the tourists — probably looking for food — and make up silly names and dialog for them to say.

One of the best things I can say is that it was a great end to our first year of marriage, one that went very well! Here’s to a bunch more!


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