May 22, 2023

Vacation is over today, but I’m satisfied with how it went altogether. I’m at the fulcrum of switching back to the everyday life, which is always a little uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I feel OK. The time off was well worth it, sometimes you need to get away. So no regrets.

I spent some time with my friends Eric and Amelia yesterday, just chatting and catching up, as we do every couple months or so. Other than that, just bicycling (got a good ride in yesterday) and returning to chores. My yard looks like I’ve been an eager participant of No Mow May, but I assure you it’s a coincidence. Tonight, my plan is to kill the jungle. I also am taking my car in to get detailed, including a wax and interior cleaning. Looking forward to it – but what I really want is to get my headlights buffed.


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