November 21, 2022

Back from a work trip and a tooth extraction. The work trip was nice, I went to New Orleans, which is everything you’ve heard. The French Quarter is pretty in the morning, and it has some interesting restaurants. I am not a party person, so I think some of the charms of the city are a bit lost on me. Also it was colder than expected, but nobody saw that coming. I enjoyed the architecture and the food, and the people were friendly. That’s all a person can ask, I think. The tourist thing worth doing is enjoying beignets.

This week is Thanksgiving. I’m meeting some new family and some old family, and having to engage in some personal growth. That’s never easy, I’d say. I have a new half-brother I found out about just before Covid, and this is my first chance to meet him in person. I guess if it were a con, he’d be playing the long game, so I better accept and come to terms.


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