October 23, 2022

This has been a very mixed bag weekend. Good in lots of ways, oddly bad in others. More good than bad, I’d say. We traveled to Maquoketa, Iowa on Friday to pick up a rain barrel, explore the Maquoketa caves, and stay in a B&B (my first). The room was disappointing, but the house was nice. We ate at a VERY out-of-the-way catfish restaurant on a lake that was amazing.

Upon coming home we went to a housewarming party a friend was throwing, and enjoyed a nice night of socializing. I discovered, however, before the party that my Miata’s starter had failed. So today, I spent a ridiculous amount of money to rent a van for one day so that I can stay out of the rain going to work and get a consult for a dental implant. Not exactly great.

I’m also going through a personal shift in my view of culture a bit, and feeling kind of alien in my own skin at the moment. Must be the birthday creeping up on me.


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