September 26, 2023

Apologies for the long hiatus – Jenn and I have been into some big projects, which I’ll talk about more in the near future once they solidify more. Fortunately, at the moment, I get a break.

Hoping to take a train trip in the near future, but I have a problem in that Amtrak has a fundamentally broken website that can’t plan out round trips. It’s damn frustrating, because I’m sure that if I can go out, I can come back. But how can I plan a trip if I can’t figure out the return. I’m thinking about doing a hybrid trip – take the train out, then fly back when I’m ready. Maybe that’s what I’ll do. As to where to go, that’s not entirely clear either. That part has also been frustrated by the Amtrak website, but I need to just focus on the destinations and the timeframe. I’ll find my way out.

I’m definitely due, though — been feeling irritable and short-tempered, which are the signals that I need a break. I just had a thought — maybe I’ll take my notebook and write while I’m on my trip. That sounds amazing.


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