April 26, 2023

My cat (one of two) begs too often. I’ve created a monster. I love giving out treats. But now, first thing after I get up and am eating breakfast, there she is on the carpet, doing the treat pose. If she were up for competition, she’d do very well, her legs are crossed and her arms are folded perfectly. She stares into my soul. ‘T-R-E-A-T-S’, she’s telegraphing. And I interrupt my Kix or Cap’n Crunch to get her a chickie treat fix. Which is fine.

But then, ten minutes later, there she is, on the carpet again – more treats. I’m thinking about instituting a 15-minute interval between them, at least to slow down this treat train. It’s so hard, though, she’s very determined. I want to give her yum-yums, too.

The sad thing is, I love treats as much as she does. And I have to restrain myself as well. Sorry, Sibbi, we both have to suffer a little.


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