December 8, 2023

Happy December, everybody! I hope whatever you are celebrating (or not), that you have a delightful and peaceful month!

I went to a place called Smash Park yesterday and played Pickleball for the first time. Apparently, this sport has existed for decades, as my wife tells me she played it in middle school, but it feels like one of those things that is a glitch in the Matrix — like that somebody edited the World Code and inserted this made-up game into the past to make me doubt reality. Hah. Anyway, I had a great time, and speaking of making things up, one of my coworkers’ husbands wrote up this hilarious fake biography of his Pickleball history.

Also, I hit a pickleball over the top of a wall and into the arcade. People tell me I have control problems, but I can’t understand why.

Since I played games at a place called Smash Park, I had to follow it up with dinner at Smashburger, which was surprisingly delightful. I permit myself two cheeseburgers a month, which I consider to be amazing restraint on my part (have you had cheeseburgers?? Damn.)

So things are good. Hope they are the same with you, dear reader.


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