January 13, 2023

Lisa Marie Presley died, I learned today. I don’t really follow the Presleys (in fact, I confused Lisa Marie with her mother, Priscilla, briefly when I heard this news), but I am always surprised when someone “young” passes away. Lisa Marie was 54, which, increasingly, is getting uncomfortably on the horizon for me-if still a pretty long ways off. Of course, death at any age is terrible, but when one sees that a seemingly healthy person just dies, well, it causes one to pause for sure.

Glad it’s Friday and a quiet three-day weekend looms ahead. I’m not planning much on the agenda other than reading and relaxing. That’s my R&R. I’ll probably play my new game, Civilization VI, too. Maybe hit up the local pinball establishment. I hope you all have a relaxing one yourselves.


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