January 23, 2023

This was a nicely balanced weekend, though the cabin fever is stronger the colder it is outside. I found myself looking at small tropical islands on Google Maps and fantasizing about buying a vacation home with my wife on an island with 500 people and a bunch of donkeys. Nice thought for a time.

I also bought a $5.00 game at a store we visited called Tuesday Morning, which is like an eclectic Pier One Exports. The game is called “Emergency Broadcast”; although there are no radio aspects to the game at all, the mechanics are a quick pick up and the game is pretty fun for two players. You’re a first responder delivering supplies like rafts, emergency batteries, and such to a place that is being rapidly flooded, and you get points for the materials you deliver before the water covers them up. Don’t think too hard about the premise, just enjoy the gameplay, was the message I took from the manufacturer. So I did.


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