January 25, 2023

Learned about a website called Carsized which compares the relative sizes of vehicles in a side-by-side (or front and back) image. Not a good website to visit when you own one of the smallest production cars today. Miatas have always been small, but compared to the hulking behemoths that roam our streets today that are almost the size of rolling apartments, I’m starting to feel a bit like potential roadkill.

I have personal experience with having been hit by a battering ram, too, for those of you who remember the fate of my 2003 Honda Civic. I was hit by a drunk driver from behind, who, astonishingly, did not manage to hurt me, though I came within mere meters of being smashed into a brick wall. He destroyed that car.

So I wonder how much longer I’m going to get to enjoy my little car. I take steps to minimize my risk, and I think it does help. The real answer is to go back to biking more – yes, I get that risk for sure as well, but I don’t spend much time riding in traffic.


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