July 28, 2023

Have concluded my ‘travel’ for work this week — my travel last night consisted of going to the Holiday Inn at the Des Moines airport — doesn’t count, but it required preparation like I was going on a trip. So now I’m back to the routine. My calendar tells me I have nothing going on today, but I am meeting my friends Eric and Amelia tomorrow morning for coffee and catch up. I also have to give them that fudge I bought in Mackinac Island.

I listened to one of my personal audio journals (I call them ‘personal logs’) from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic last night. It’s history now, thank the stars, but at the time it was terrifyingly real. Recently the CDC declared that Covid-19 is just a garden-variety illness and is no longer significantly affecting the death toll. So I felt justified to take the walk through the past at this point.

For the record, I talked about the fact that I had a scheduled trip to see a band (the Genesis cover band called The Musical Box), which was cancelled, then intended to go to Chicago as a make up, which was then prevented by Chicago’s lockdown. Then the state of Iowa required its employees to notify their managers if they were going to be leaving the state for any reason, and in many places you couldn’t gather in groups larger than 50, and then no larger than 10.

I’m glad we got through that.


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