July 31, 2023

Late summer is on our doorstep once again, which gives me mixed feelings — I don’t want to hurry into 2024, but the time passes the same all the time.

I saw “Barbie” this weekend, and it’s as good as the praise it has received says it is. Thoroughly entertaining, and we watched it in the renovated Varsity Cinema on 25th. Yesterday I also did some nice morning cycling (which, in the summer, is the time to do it), and I’m close to 1,500 KM on my ‘new’ bike’s odometer.

Climate change, everyday I read about the effects and it just gets worse and worse. I’m not doing enough, nobody’s doing enough, and, of course, the system is built in a way that makes it worse. I can’t control that, only myself. Which means I need to do more. That’s a good reason to bike more.


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