March 16, 2023

Yesterday was the first day this year that I put the top down on the Miata! Just briefly, but I had taken a walk and was warmed up, plus it was about 58 degrees somewhere, so I put it down and took a spin through Windsor Heights. Who says I’m not spontaneous.

There’s an article in the Associated Press titled “‘Star Trek’, Swear Words and TV Characters’ Changing Mores”, referring to how the writers in Star Trek: Picard have modified the character of Jean-Luc Picard from that of a rule-following moral Starfleet captain to that of a swashbuckling hero figure who apparently is more liberal with the “colorful language” as Spock puts it in Star Trek IV. I haven’t read the article because I’m not caught up on the latest episodes, but it is interesting to me that this would be taken up in the media.

Quite frankly, I put it down to bad writing. I’ve given “Picard” a lot of room to reveal a grand triumph over its two and some seasons, but there’s enough evidence to prove it – it’s just …not a good production. The visuals are great, the acting is a mixed bag, but the writing, the writing is a disaster. Same with its cousin, “Star Trek: Discovery”.

On the swearing – I don’t care if Picard or other characters swear – if it makes sense to the character and the plot. It hasn’t made sense for Picard to radically change his character so much. Certainly, people change, and if that change was sold properly by the writers, maybe it would make sense. But it doesn’t, because it’s pretty clear that the writing is poor.

I told my wife that she can drop off watching it (we tend to watch Star Trek together) – I will finish it, but mostly for completeness’ sake. I would be content with saying, if people like it and it’s not for me, then I can accept that. But nobody else seems to like it either. All “Picard” seems to have proven is that we had something really special in Star Trek: The Next Generation. So let’s treasure that.


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