March 9, 2023

I’ve started my “ease forward” time change plan in anticipation of Daylight Saving Time this year. You might consider giving it a try, it’s worked for me in the past. As everyone knows, DST in the spring is like hitting a brick wall, and I (if I remember) try to avoid that by phasing in the transition. It takes planning, but it’s not hard.

Here’s how it works: four days before the time change, in the spring, I start moving my bedtime and wake up time forward in 15 minute increments. This at first will seem pointless, because, what’s 15 minutes? It’s a quarter of an hour, that’s what. So by the time I get to the night of the time change, I’m going to bed on schedule.

You might think that this doesn’t work, but it does. It’s just enough to keep your body from being hella confused by the shift forward.

I will also do this in the fall, but it’s not as necessary, as it doesn’t affect me as bad, plus I kind of like the “extra” hour.


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