November 7, 2022

Some people find living as an adult to be a difficult experience from top to bottom. That hasn’t really been me. As a child, I wanted very much to be an adult, and I found that being an adult has suited me reasonably well.

Now, though, I’m at the stage where people look to me as the experienced person in the room, or, at least, one of them. The stage where we make irrevocable decisions that affect the rest of your life. I know I delayed some of this stuff, too, like buying a house for example. Or some I decided early on and it’s too late to change (I don’t want to change), like having children. And there’s the impact of those choices on others – I can live with my choices, but choices that I made (or influenced others to make) that impact them for their lives – well, that’s harrowing to me.

Heavy stuff for a Monday morning.

Don’t worry, everything is good – no momentous decisions were made this last week. We’re talking about buying a house, maybe that’s what put me in this place. I’m going on a work trip at the end of this week, to New Orleans. I’m excited about it! I’m thinking I’ll learn a lot and get the most out of it. After I get back, it’ll nearly be time for Thanksgiving.


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