November 8, 2022

Today is election day but I already voted. I feel good about this, and also a little left out of the climax of it. I also worry about the results.

I’m trying to do a total management lifestyle right now where I actually behave like an adult and get all the things I need to do done. I’ve always had the attitude of wanting to do this but am never satisfactorily successful. I know I can’t do everything all at once all the time, but I want my shit together more. I’m always running behind, and I want to jump ahead of that.

My wife and I are buying a house in 2024, all things coming together, and so I’m also studying that process. It’s all consuming, but I have to admit, pretty exciting when you really think about it. I’ve never seriously considered owning one before and I like the idea of getting a place that suits us. More to come.


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