October 5, 2023

Ordered a burger yesterday at a well-known sit-down restaurant in Des Moines, and they asked how I wanted it cooked. I guess I get the question, because I’m sure there are customers who think that a rare or medium-rare burger is a thing, but this is horrifying.

The simple fact is, burgers are not like steak. Steak, you can cook the outer portion and know that the interior meat is ‘safe’ (look it up, I’m not kidding–I can’t explain the science exactly, but it’s true). But with hamburger, you CANNOT do that — the meat is mixed between different cows in a slaughterhouse and so all the meat needs to be fully cooked until it’s brown – no pink at all!

For the record, I asked for my burger to be ‘medium-well’, which apparently was not enough – next time I get asked that question, I’ll say ‘well done’. And when they actually cook it that way, I’ll say, “Well done”.


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