August 1, 2023

Had an enjoyable dinner with friends Angie and Chad last night, enjoying conversation over a plate of pineapple fried rice (3-star, should have gone to 4-star). Angie was a classmate from college, SO many years ago. They’ve had quite a journey, and it was interesting to hear about it, and good to get out for an evening.

Nothing special lined up today, which is good because I have things I’m still catching up on at home. At least I got the lawn mowed. Sometimes motivation is hard. Now that August is here, I’m turning my thoughts to where I can go next on a biking trip, would like to get one done before the snow flies. So many options. I added two more state stickers to my bike, Kinetica — I put stickers of every state’s flag on my bike for every state in which I have bicycled, and I’m up to 11 now, having most recently added New York and Michigan. That’s motivation right there.


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