January 11, 2023

I’ve been digging in deep at work the last couple of days. We had lost some staff in the middle of last year, and we’ve replaced those open spots, but it’s crazy how the effects of an open position continue to reverberate for months afterward. So I’m trying to get us back to “normal”.

Things feel reasonably normal otherwise, Jenn and I are preparing for a trip in May, but it’s not official just yet. And I’m trying to remember when my dental appointments are before I miss them. Yay?

My cooking has been on point this year so far. I made a lemon peas risotto dish last night that was great – it’s an instant pot dish. (If you’d like to know recipes, please note in the comment box below!) I also am taking to one of my coworkers a recipe for Asian Vegetable Pasta that was delicious and includes peanut butter. Not really sure what is Asian about it other than that Westerners don’t usually put peanut butter with pasta? Oh, I know, it has Soy sauce. Hm. Doesn’t matter, it’s delicious, that’s what counts.


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