June 16, 2023

It’s been a nicely balanced week, though busy at work, I have had a pretty exceptional time at home just following the routine. I’ve also been doing a heavy amount of reading, which enhances the evenings tremendously. Right now my favorite of the books I’m reading is a library find, Tokyo Vice by Jake Adelstein, a memoir of his years as a crime beat reporter for Japan’s largest newspaper, the Yomiuri Shimbun. It’s from a number of years ago, but if you can, take a look.

Japanese culture is, of course, endlessly interesting, but what I enjoy about this book especially is how it gets into the day-to-day mundane aspects of Japanese life which are considerably different from and yet the same as our lives. Most books I’ve read on Japan tend to focus on the most exotic aspects of Japanese society, or from the broad view, without getting into the lives of mere mortals – and that makes this book stand out for me. Plus you combine that with the equally unique criminal society and you have one hell of a good book.

Thanks for joining me for Jim’s Book Talks. Join me again when I talk about all the other books in my bookcase. 🙂


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