June 9, 2023

Been an eventful week, and I’m trying to keep up. It’s going all right, I can say.

Forget all that, though, it’s time to talk about “Ghostbusters”. As in they’re filming a new movie. That’s exciting. I like the direction they took in “Afterlife”, and I’m glad to see that the series has legs for a sequel to the 2021 movie. McKenna Grace was charming, and I liked the actor who played the character named Podcast as well.

It’s weird being on the other side of the “let franchises die” argument. On Reddit, there is plenty of the “why won’t this die already” kind of negativity, which I think is silly. If you don’t like the movie series, don’t watch it. I don’t care for superhero movies, I’m not a Star Wars fan, but I am not injured if they make a thousand of them. (Having said that, I am against the choking out of the rest of the movie milieu with nothing but superhero franchise movies, but that’s not really germane here.) If they’re good, if fans like them but it’s not for me, then that’s fine.

Anyway, it all reminds me that I got my photograph taken in front of the Ghostbusters firehouse in NYC, and I need to share those photos.


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