June 2, 2023

I’ve always held strong opinions about music. As my wife puts it, I’m kind of a music snob. Which I acknowledge now.

Right now, I think my favorite artist that I’ve (late to the party) discovered is Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Their current album, V, is tremendously catchy, and as I’ve been coming to realize, their lyrics are sharp and on point. I think I’m becoming a massive fan, and I’m wanting to delve deeper into their catalogue.

What’s funny is, when I was younger, I was both cavalier and serious about music, depending on the type, but I also didn’t treat it like a hobby or a passion. I want to be more serious about it, because there’s so much good music out there to discover. If you are interested in discovering music, I recommend you give a listen to a New York station I learned about on my visit, WFMU. It’s the kind of station I’ve always wanted to hear but we’re not fortunate enough to have in the Midwest. I think it’s even a gem in NYC.


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